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We have been around balloons for many years. It started first with flying and the fun that goes with it. Our group has changed quite a few friends in the meantime, but the core has remained the same over the years. Balloons have become inextricably linked to us. Our endless enthusiasm for ballooning and living in this great community has motivated us to want to give a little of that enthusiasm back to you. And, as it happens with us Czechs, over a beer the idea of setting up a service organization to maintain and service hot air balloons was born. "Simply a service for the XXII century, such that they will consider building a freight elevator to us in Australia through the Earth's core" said Jirka with exaggeration. We leaned in, took the necessary theoretical and practical training, gathered inspiration from the best European service organisations and set about building a workshop. At the end of 2023, we completed the workshop and received the patronage of one of the largest balloon manufacturers in the world, the Kubíček Balloons factory. They probably don't know about us in Australia yet, but we're in the heart of Europe, right next to the motorway, so we're a short drive from everywhere. Safety, reliability and enthusiasm, that's us! Come and check it out! We look forward to seeing you! Service team

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